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Within easy reach of the town of Vratsa and situated in a north-westerly direction and only a short distance of 38 km away is the ST. JOHN THE PRECURSOR MONASTERY Complex. This historical piece of architecture can be found lying in the lowlands to the north of the “Kaleto” area at an altitude of only 165 m above sea level.  Within the immediate vicinity of the southern monastery walls, flows a tributary or rivulet from the right hand side of the Ogosta River.  The countryside around the monastery is a fascinatingly picturesque region – spreading out and displaying many geographical features, in particular is a hill, at the foot of which runs a winding canyon, with a narrow land strip joining it to a plateau.  The monastery complex is an 11-room, two-storey building, and will comfortably accommodate up to 38 people.  Offered to all guests are our comfortably furnished double rooms each with its own bathroom and toilet, and a cable TV.  There is a common dining room, a kitchen and a barbecue.