Personal Dosimetry

Kozloduy NPP EAD provides individual dosimetric control in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria and in accordance with the licenses issued by the Nuclear Regulatory Agency for operation of Units 5 and 6. According to the requirements of Article 5 of Ordinance 32 on the terms and conditions for individual dosimetric control of persons working with sources of ionizing radiation and the requirements of the NRC-2018, individual dosimetric control is performed by units accredited by Executive Agency “Bulgarian Accreditation Service”.

The Inspection Body – Control Centre “Personal Dosimetry” (IB-CC-PD) is accredited according to the requirements of BDS EN/ISO 17020, and the scope of accreditation includes control of the individual effective dose from external sources and control of the expected individual effective dose from internal exposure .

The initial accreditation was received in July 2009, and in July 2021 IB-CC-PD received from the Bulgarian Accreditation Service a fourth consecutive accreditation certificate valid until 2025.

The specialised unit carries out independent control of the individual effective dose of external and internal exposure of the personnel of Kozloduy NPP in the controlled area and on the plant site, as well as personnel of external organisations working under contract in an environment with ionizing radiation.

Individual thermoluminescent dosimetry control is performed by measuring personal dose equivalent Hp(10) with a thermoluminescent dosimeter using calibrated and metrologically tested thermoluminescent dosimetry systems (RADOS Technology).

The individual dosimetric control of the individual expected effective dose of internal irrradiation is performed by measuring the activity incorporated in the human body with calibrated and metrologically tested gamma-spectrometric systems (two by CANBERRA and one by ORTEC) and subsequent assessment of revenues of radionuclides and doses of internal irradiation with a specialised software.

IB-CC-PD regularly takes part in international inter-laboratory comparisons, the results of which prove the competence of staff and demonstrate the quality of individual dosimetric control.

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