Metrology Assurance

The Metrology Assurance Department carries out its activity in accordance with the current normative documents in Kozloduy NPP EAD, applying the policies, goals and priorities declared by the company’s management.

The priorities of the management in carrying out the main activities performed by the Metrology Assurance Department are to ensure uniformity, accuracy and traceability of the results of measurements in operation and maintenance activities according to BDS EN ISO/ IEC 17025 “General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories”.

The metrology assurance activities encompass:

  • metrological verification of measuring devices;
  • calibration of measuring instruments.

To carry out its activities, the MA Department:

  • maintains the conditions, technical means, staff competence and documentation;
  • monitors, analyses and periodically assesses the status of measurements and metrology assurance at Kozloduy NPP EAD;
  • maintains a wide range of standards for the implementation of the activities for metrology assurance of measuring devices;
  • organises the activities and implements methodological guidance to ensure uniformity, traceability and accuracy of measurements at Kozloduy NPP EAD.
  • develops programmes for increasing the efficiency of measurements, control and testing at Kozloduy NPP EAD;
  • develops and updates local traceability schemes for the transmission of units of physical quantities in relation to the International System of Units (SI);


Scope of activity

The department performs its functions through 5 laboratories with proven technical competence and qualified staff, formed on the basis of grouping by physical quantities:

  • Laboratory “Measurement of ionizing radiation”;
  • Laboratory “Mechanical and physicochemical measurements”;
  • Laboratory “Electrical and radio-technical measurements”;
  • Laboratory “Temperature measurements”;
  • Laboratory “Measurement of pressure, flow and level”;

The relations with the customer are carried out by the head of the department or by a representative authorised by him.

Each service is performed after a Service Request has been submitted. The requested activity is paid according to the price list approved for the department.

The measuring instruments are presented in the laboratories against a handover protocol, accompanied by technical documentation.

The results of verification/calibration shall be reflected in the reporting documents submitted to the applicant.

The activity of the MA Department covers the metrology assurance of operation and maintenance activities, which includes metrology control and calibration of measuring devicesand systems owned by Kozloduy NPP EAD and external organisations, as well as participation in technical councils and preparation of opinions on metrology assurance of projects ensuring reliability, comparability and reliability of measurement results.

The main priorities of the management in carrying out the main activities performed by the MA Department are ensuring uniformity, accuracy and traceability of measurement results, organisation of control of measuring devices and systems (MDS) and metrology expertise of documents regarding design changes and delivery of MIS, performance of testing and calibration activities according to BDS EN ISO/IEC 17025.

A management system has been created and implemented in the MA Department, suitable for the metrology assurance activities that are carried out. The main goal of the management system in the MA Department is high-quality performance of MA activities by organising and performing metrological inspection and calibration of measuring devices, metrological expertise of documents in case of design changes and delivery of measuring devices in the following areas of measurement:

  • ionizing radiation;
  • geometric quantities, mass, strength, hardness and mechanical properties of materials, motion parameters, physicochemical quantities, optophysical quantities
  • electrical quantities, radio-technical quantities, frequency and time intervals
  • thermal technical values;
  • pressure and vacuum, flow and capacity.

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