If you have always wondered what a nuclear power plant looks like from the inside, what happens in the reactor core, how electricity is produced from a nuclear power plant or how a nuclear unit is operated, you have the opportunity to visit us and learn the answers to these and many other exciting questions about nuclear energy.



Open days are traditionally organised in the spring and autumn of each year.

The date on which the Doors Open Day will be organized is announced in advance through the media, on the web site of the plant, in the "News" section, and on the official page of Kozloduy NPP on Facebook.



Which facilities at Kozloduy NPP  are accessible to visitors?

  • The Information Centre where you can watch videos and see models showing facilities at the power plant, obtain printed information materials, etc.;
  • The simulator facility housing the full scope simulator - a replica of the WWER-1000 reactor units main control rooms. This is where reactor operators get trained;
  • The switchyard that connects the nuclear power plant to the national grid;
  • The Radioecological Monitoring Department where radiological analyses are performed on samples of air, atmospheric deposits, water, food, plants, soils, etc.

How can visits to Kozloduy NPP be organised ?

You are required to send an e-mail with your request, FAO the Chief Executive Officer of Kozloduy NPP EAD, to [email protected], two weeks before the planned date which should be a workday. Details on the visit objective, number of visitors, and contact details are to be specified in the e-mail.

A special programme is prepared for each visit depending on the visitors' specific interests. You will get our timely response as to whether we can welcome you on the requested date.

Visits can be arranged for groups of at least 10 people, the total number of visitors being restricted to 50 per day.

Priority is given to visits of secondary school or university students when the purpose of their visit is related to the learning process.

When can you visit Kozloduy NPP ?

The Information Centre is open to visitors every workday from 8:00 am to 04:00 pm. Visits to plant facilities are organised on a year-round basis on workdays, with closing time at 03:30 pm. Visits to the turbine halls of Units 5 and 6 may not take place during the scheduled annual outages.

Can we visit a main control room in the power plant?

Access to the main control rooms is restricted for the general public. You may visit the simulator facility in the Training Centre.

Contact details:

Further information about organisation of tours to the Kozloduy NPP may be obtained at tel.: +359 973 7 28 60 and +359 973 7 25 13.

If you wish to visit the shutdown Units 1 to 4, you have to contact the Information Centre of the State Enterprise Radioactive Waste at the following e-mail: [email protected] or tel.: +359 973 8 00 96.