At the design phase of Kozloduy NPP, a power plant operating WWER type of reactors of proven operational reliability, potential emergency situations were analysed and all the necessary measures have been taken to prevent their occurrence. Despite the low probability of their occurrence, the power plant has planned the following:

  • administrative and legal relations between the on-site and off-site emergency response teams;
  • organisational and technical measures and tools needed to maintain the operability of the emergency response teams;
  • organisational measures and human resources needed for implementation of measures and tasks specified in regulatory documents as well as for protection of the personnel and the public;
  • ensuring the finances and logistics for the emergency response teams and the personnel;
  • criteria for establishing, implementation and cancelling of measures for protection of the personnel and the public in case of a nuclear or radiological emergency;
  • measures to prevent contamination of the environment.

The organisational and technical measures are stipulated in the Emergency Response Plan, developed in compliance with the national legislation and with the requirements of the International Atomic Energy Agency and the World Association of Nuclear Operators.

In order to maintain the preparedness of the personnel to respond to potential emergency situations, emergency drills and exercises are conducted at Kozloduy NPP on a yearly basis, which verify and enhance preparedness of the emergency teams and the personnel. The drills allow exercising the coordination for implementation of joint actions between the plant emergency teams and the following organisations:

  • Management of the regional emergency response organisations of Kozloduy and Mizia municipalities;
  • Fire Safety and Public Protection Regional Directorates for Vratsa and Montana;
  • On a national level – the Nuclear Regulatory Agency, the Fire Safety and Public Protection General Directorate at the Ministry of Interior, the Ministry of Energy, etc.

Protective measures and rules for conduct of population in case of increased radioactivity 

Măsurile de protecţie şi regulile de comportare a populaţiei in caz de radioactivitate ridicată (român)

Information under Article 116d (1) of the Environmental Protection Act

Kozloduy NPP, being an operator of a facility in which hazardous substances are present, falls within the scope of Chapter Seven, Section I of the Environmental Protection Act and is classified as an Upper-tier establishment/facility with respect to the storage of hydrazine hydrate.

In order to achieve the highest possible level of human health and environment protection an "Еmergency plan for implementation of rescue and urgent recovery actions in case of disasters or accidents on the territory of Kozloduy NPP EAD resulting from activities with harmful chemical substances and mixtures (HCS&M)” has been developed at Kozloduy NPP. This plan is part of the Company's Emergency Plan and it served as the basis for developing the Kozloduy Municipality Emergency Plan.

The purpose of the emergency plan is to create an organisation which ensures:

  • control and mitigation of accident consequences so as to minimise their impact and limit the adverse effects on human health, the environment and property;
  • implementation of measures necessary for human health and environment protection against the effects of major accidents;
  • communication of the necessary information to the public and ensuring effective communication between the competent authorities and the operator
  • restoration and clean-up of the environment around the establishment and/or facility following a major accident.

The measures to limit the hazardous factors of the accidents, mitigate their consequences and protect the personnel are detailed in the Kozloduy NPP Emergency Plan.